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Hiker celebrating success on top of a snowy mountain overlooking a valley covered with clouds, and seeing a majestic sunrise.

Achieve Your Dreams Workshop

This course takes you through a process to help you overcome limitations, transform, achieve your full potential, and love your life. You’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Gain clarity on your identity, purpose, vision, and values.

  • Feel more confident, be more assertive, and take more initiative.

  • Make positive, permanent, and powerful changes.

  • Learn to set better goals with the 5W’S Complete Goal Setting Framework.

  • Change behaviors and build new productive habits.

  • Create empowering beliefs.

  • Find freedom and forgiveness.

  • Apply the Universal Elevation principles to your life.

  • Create a commitment to a compelling, meaningful, and fulfilling future.

  • Plan effectively and take action.

  • Understand your true power.

  • Increase your wealth.

  • Improve your health and fitness.

  • Manage anger, depression, sadness, and negative thinking.

  • Turn your fears into strengths.

  • Overcome feelings of grief, guilt, shame, regret, loneliness, failure, and rejection

  • Manage stress, worry, and anxiety.

  • See your value. Discover hope and purpose.

  • Connect. You belong. You're more than good enough. You’re lovable.

  • Be genuinely positive, empowered, and motivated.

  • Maximize your influence, effectiveness, and value.

  • Resolve conflicts, set boundaries, and improve relationships.

Confident Leadership & Public Speaking Course

​This course will help you do the following:

  • Speak clearly and concisely

  • Present ideas more effectively

  • Listen better

  • Speak confidently in front of large groups

  • Be more comfortable in social settings

  • Appear more professional, poised, and confident

  • Remember what to say without note cards or memorizing the speech

  • Impromptu speaking

  • Question and answer sessions

  • Sell yourself and your ideas

  • Sell your products and services more effectively

  • Be a better manager

  • Inspire others to act

  • Get along better with others

  • Be a friendlier person

  • Improve relationships

  • Remember names, information, and numbers

  • Be more assertive and take greater initiative

  • Set realistic goals

  • Manage your time better

  • Be more confident in yourself and your abilities

  • Manage stress and worry

  • Be genuinely positive and enthusiastic

  • Make speeches to inform and persuade

  • Introduce others effectively

  • Give and receive awards

  • Be a better leader

  • Solve problems creatively

A motivational speaker with a headset and a smile, performing on stage, in front of a large crowd.
Healthy lifestyle consisting of two purple dumbbells, a glass of orange juice, next to fresh lettuce, red bell pepper, red apple, green apple, and half an orange, on a white wooden bench top..

Lose the Fat Forever Workshop

​This course covers the same topics as in the Achieve Your Dream Workshop, but it is focused on improving your health. Additional topics include Diet, Nutrition, Health, and Exercise.

Wheel of Health Workshop

This free course takes you through the process to create your primary goal using the 5W'S Complete Goal Setting Framework. You will reflect on how you are currently doing in the eight key areas of your life: charitable, emotional, financial, intellectual, physical, professional, relational, and spiritual. You will then create what you would like your life to be three and five years in the future. You will learn why the 5W'S Goal Setting Framework is so effective in creating a solid foundation for your future success. After completing this workshop you will have created your primary goal and have clarity on the next steps to achieve it. 

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