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Our Transformational Coaching

Perform at Your Best

Almost all high-performing athletes have at least one coach so they can be their best. Individuals and organizational leaders are increasingly seeing the benefits of coaching. Coaching converts knowledge into useful skills over time. Take your life to the next level. Coaches can help you see things you can’t, master skills completely, create a more effective plan, and achieve your goals sooner than you could on your own. The best coaches take things to a much higher level: they help you transform your life and achieve things you didn't think were possible for you.

Our Coaching Style

We're different. Our coaching is designed to transform your life. We help you make big changes that make people take notice. We have seen amazing results, especially for people who have tried everything else without much progress and feel stuck. We avoid the five fundamental flaws of today's self-improvement methodologies. We have developed a unique, holistic, proven process that addresses the root cause of your challenges and helps you create breakthroughs where other coaching, counseling, therapy, and self-improvement methods haven't.

Our coaches provide confidential and personalized sessions that focus on you: your needs and your goals. We accept you where you are today, and together, we'll create a life you love and bring your vision to fruition. We will always help you see your value and worth, and we will empower you to be your best.

We help you make positive, permanent, and powerful changes. We help you overcome challenges and limitations by fixing the root cause. We act as a mirror and tell you the truth. We ask the right questions to help you discover the answers you’re looking for, and we provide different perspectives to help you discover new possibilities. We provide you with the latest information and wisdom. We serve as your accountability partner keeping you on your path to greatness.

We offer individual and group coaching that can occur online, by phone, or in-person, depending on your location. We offer coaching packages that cover specific topics, or we can create a custom solution to meet your specific needs.


Our coaches are available online and in person 7 days a week from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

You can also schedule sessions outside of these times. We've got you covered no matter where you are in the world.

For more information on our approach, please see our Solutions page.

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Life Transformation Coaching

We can help you take your life to the next level: have more income, influence, and success. We help you overcome limitations and create a life you love. You'll learn how to make positive, permanent, and powerful changes using a new, unique, holistic, proven process that avoids the five fundamental flaws of the traditional therapy and self-improvement methodologies available today. This program is customized to meet your specific needs and will help you:

  • Create a compelling identity, purpose, vision, and values.

  • Feel more confident, be more assertive, and take more initiative.

  • Accept, appreciate, love, and forgive yourself and others.

  • Stop destructive behaviors and build new productive habits.

  • Manage anger, depression, sadness, and negative thinking.

  • Turn your fears into strengths.

  • Overcome unhealthy feelings of grief, guilt, shame, regret, loneliness, failure, and rejection.

  • Manage anxiety, stress, worry, insecurities, and self-doubt.

  • See your worth, value, and importance. You belong.

  • See that your life matters and you are needed.

  • Discover hope and purpose.

  • Be genuinely positive, empowered, and motivated.

  • Maximize your influence, effectiveness, and value.

  • Resolve conflicts, set boundaries, and improve relationships.

  • Manage transitions: breakup, divorce, job loss, and retirement.

  • Get unstuck and take action towards your goals.

  • Heal yourself from trauma and negative experiences.

  • Stop the frustrating and destructive effects of self-sabotage.

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Career Coaching

We help you get a new job, a better job, or that raise and promotion you deserve using a Career Coach or an Interview Coach. First, we help you find a fulfilling and meaningful career path that is best for you. This is helpful if you want to make a career change, or you are at a crossroads, burnt out, or not sure what career path aligns with your skills, experience, values, and needs.


Second, we help you get a job. You’ll be working with a former hiring manager with over 20 years of experience who can provide unique insights into how to position yourself for success in complex interview processes. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Career strategy

  • In-person, online, and panel mock interview practice

  • Job search strategy

  • Finding jobs by networking and the hidden job market

  • Updating your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Health Transformation Coaching

This coaching program takes a unique approach to improving your physical health that goes beyond the normal mind over body willpower shenanigans. It is a holistic program that addresses your mind and your body as equals. It looks at how your mind and body are connected and how they can better work together. We start with your mind to help you uncover the root cause of your current state of health. We provide you with key wisdom to help you elevate yourself. We also provide key information on how to improve your physical health through diet, nutrition, and exercise. We help you overcome bad habits and create new and empowering ones. At the end of this program, you will be on a path to transforming your mental and physical health to live a life you truly love!

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Couples Relationship Transformation Coaching

We firmly believe that every relationship can be saved and transformed into a loving supportive relationship if both parties are motivated to do so. We have also seen marriages transform when just one party works on improving themselves and the relationship. Ideally both parties work on elevating themselves and the relationship together.

We aren't looking to mediate a solution, where you split the difference and neither side is happy. We want to help you resolve conflicts by creating something new that you are both happy with and that is better than either of you could come up with on your own. When you transform yourselves, new possibilities appear, and a transformed relationship becomes a reality.

A common thing people tell us is that they went to counseling a couple of years ago, their relationship seemed to get better for a little while, but now they are fighting over the same thing and in many ways it has gotten worse. The root cause of the problem was never addressed.

We can help you uncover the root cause to your current challenges, improve your communication, build trust, rekindle your passion, create a new shared vision and meaning for your relationship, and learn to better love, understand, accept, appreciate, and support each other. Other topics include family planning, finances, intimacy, and pre-marital counseling. We will help you create a solid foundation for your transformational journey together.

Leadership Coaching for Managers

This transformational leadership coaching program is for executives, managers, and organizational leaders who want to reinvigorate their career, have a bigger impact on their organization, unlock the power of their team, and get promoted. Convert knowledge into useful skills over time and take your career to the next level


We help you with the following areas:

  • Improve your leadership skills.

  • Elevate your influence, effectiveness, value, and impact.

  • Develop and implement better strategic plans.

  • Create an empowering culture, mission, vision, and values.

  • Feel more confident, be more assertive, and take more initiative.

  • Make positive, permanent, and powerful changes.

  • Set better goals with the 5W’S Complete Goal Setting Framework.

  • Improve time management skills to get more done.

  • Change employee behaviors and improve performance.

  • Implement empowering processes and procedures.

  • Implement the Universal Elevation principles.

  • Gain alignment and commitment from your stakeholders.

  • Improve teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Implement critical organizational changes.

  • Improve decision making and problem-solving skills.

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity.

  • Elevate customer loyalty and become the vendor of choice.

  • Plan projects effectively and manage for results.

  • Implement Agile development methods to create new products that meet your customers’ highest priority needs.

  • Improve your communication and presentations skills.

  • Resolve conflicts, set boundaries, and improve relationships.

  • Create innovative solutions where everybody wins.

  • Harness diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive better results.

  • Improve negotiating skills.

  • Unleash the power of your team.

  • Learn to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back.

  • Better manage your emotions, fear, stress, and worry.

  • Create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • Achieve better financial results.

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Custom Coaching Program

​This coaching program allows you to select the topics you want to work on and the schedule that will best meet your needs. You can buy a prepaid block of hours or you can create a monthly subscription.


We can help you improve in the following areas:

  1. Assertiveness, Courage, and Self-Confidence

  2. Relationships, Set Boundaries, Build Trust, and Resolve Conflicts

  3. People Skills, Be a Friendlier Person

  4. Change Behaviors and Build New Habits

  5. Commitment, Motivation, and Ownership

  6. Communication Skills and Public Speaking

  7. Create a Compelling Future Direction, Identity, Purpose, Meaning, Vision, and Values

  8. Influence, Negotiation Skills, and Selling Skills

  9. Decision Making, Problem Solving, Project Management

  10. Forgiveness and Freedom

  11. Goal Setting, Time Management, and Achievement

  12. Health and Fitness: Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

  13. Leadership and Management Skills

  14. Memory Skills and Remember Names

  15. Reinvent Yourself, Change Careers, or Manage a Mid-life Crisis


We can help you manage and reduce the following:

  1. Anger, Depression, and other Negative Emotions

  2. Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Stress, and Worry

  3. Complaining, Criticizing, Judging, Negative Thinking

  4. Embarrassment, Grief, Guilt, Regret, and Shame

  5. Failure and Rejection

  6. Perfectionism and Procrastination

  7. Self-Doubt, Self-Punishment, and Self-Sabotage

Family Transformation Coaching

This coaching program takes a unique approach to transforming your family by also helping to transform each member of your family. We will help you uncover the root cause to your challenges, improve communication, build trust, and create a vision for your family. We will help you learn how to better love, accept, appreciate, and support each other as you all grow. At the end of this program, you will have created a solid foundation for your family’s transformational journey.

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