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We help people create lives filled with love, peace, joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

We provide transformational career, leadership, management, life, health, family, and relationship coaching, classes, books, and resources. We help people rapidly transform, reach their full potential, and love their lives.

We have developed a unique, holistic, proven process that that addresses the root cause of your challenges. It helps you create breakthroughs when coaching, counseling, therapy and other self-improvement methods don't. We deliver measurable results by avoiding their five fundamental flaws


We provide a confidential and safe environment where you can speak about anything, be accepted, and be understood. We help you see new possibilities. We help you overcome obstacles, build new skills, perform at your best, and achieve your goals much sooner than you could on your own.

Our Approach


Measurable Results

We are focused on quickly getting you measurable results. We’re not interested in small, incremental improvements. We want you to receive at least a 1000% return on investment (ROI), which is called 11X Thinking.


Holistic Approach

We work on all of you, not just one part of you, or worse, pitting one part of you against another, like the mind over body willpower shenanigans. We work on all areas of your life. Improving one area of your life improves the others.


Root Cause

We help you find the root cause of self-sabotage, challenges, and limitations. We address it directly instead of staying on the surface. Replacing the roots with new empowering beliefs and habits is critical for lasting change.


Key Wisdom

Wisdom is the key missing ingredient to significant and rapid transformation. When it is added to traditional teachings, it greatly increases the speed of transformation and magnifies the results.


Latest Information

We aren’t stuck in our own outdated teaching and systems. We provide you with the latest research, information, methods, and tools to help you achieve your best results.


Build New Skills

Converting new knowledge correctly and completely into new skills takes practice and a great coach. Lots of people know lots of things, but few convert the right knowledge into the right actions that achieve the desired results.


Custom Solutions

We don’t provide one-size-fits-all methodologies. Everyone is different with unique experiences and challenges. We customize our solutions to meet your specific needs. We'll find the best way to help you.


Safe Environment

Our coaching sessions are completely confidential, so you can feel comfortable exploring any topic and speaking about things you don’t normally share with others. You can be totally honest with us, and we can be totally honest with you.


Be Accepted & Understood

We provide a supportive, kind, and accepting environment. We understand challenges since we’ve been through them ourselves. Life isn't easy. A perfect human is wonderfully imperfect.

Our Transformational Solutions


We're in the process of publishing our first book that explores the transformation process through the eyes of our clients. It will be available later this year.

We're also creating a workbook to help you with your transformational process.


We offer classes online or in person, depending on your location.


We offer courses around health, life, and leadership transformation.

We also offer a course on leadership and public speaking.


We offer individual and group coaching that can occur online, by phone, or in person, depending on your location.


We offer coaching packages that cover specific topics or we can create a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

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