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Key Concepts

Accelerate Your Transformation.

5W'S Complete Goal Setting Framework

One of the keys to creating a life you love that adds a tremendous amount of value and impact to the world is to set better goals. Learn why this framework is so effective.

Ridiculously Easy Goals

Changing behavior requires a different type of goal-setting strategy. The key here is to avoid trying to be perfect, and build momentum by doing what is ridiculously easy.

Universal Elevation

The twenty-one principles of Universal Elevation can transform your life, home, company, city, state, nation, and world when they are applied consistently and completely.

Overcome Fear

Learn twenty-four ways to help you manage, reduce, and even eliminate your unhealthy fears. Apply more than one method to help you with your biggest fears.

Wise Loving Being

The Wise Loving Being is a critical concept to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. It fundamentally changes how you view fear, guilt, shame, stress, and worry.

Building New Habits

Changing old habits requires a new mindset and environment. Here are some tips for how to make your new habit stick.

Belonging Strategies

Learn which strategies you use to prove your worth to the group and how you hide your flaws so you can belong. Or maybe you use strategies to rebel against the group or to maintain your independence.

PILES of Compliments

Improve your relationships by giving and receiving piles and piles of compliments. Follow the PILES acronym to maximize your impact on the other person.


Learn how to transform old, limiting, and false beliefs into empowering beliefs that help you achieve your goals.

Five Fundamental Flaws

Learn how the five fundamental flaws of today’s coaching, counseling, therapy, and self-improvement methods keep you from making progress and in some ways actually make things worse.

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