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Ridiculously Easy Goals

Change Behavior By Starting Small And Building Momentum


Changing behavior requires a different type of goal-setting strategy, called Ridiculously Easy Goals. The key here is to avoid trying to be perfect and just do what is ridiculously easy. Instead of meeting your ideal vision of what the new habit looks like, focus on what level of activity you can easily do each time, and how many times you can easily do it over the course of a week. The genius lies in taking small actions on a consistent basis, thereby creating momentum.


You will need to do three things to create a new habit: start out small, build on it, and don’t mess it up. Here are the recommendations for creating a new behavior:

  1. Set a minimum goal. This is something you know you can easily do even on your worst day and week, without any problems or excuses. It is so ridiculously easy that there is no possible way you can give a legitimate excuse for not doing it. This is the ridiculously easy part. The minimum value never, ever changes. Lots of problems happen if it increases. Trust us on this.

  2. Set a target goal. This is what you think you can reasonably do each time and how many times you can do it each week. This will start out small and then get bigger as time goes on.

  3. Set a maximum goal. This is the maximum you are allowing yourself to do at any one time, and the maximum number of times you will do it per week. This keeps you from causing problems for yourself, which could lead you to abandon your goal. Note that as time goes on, you may need to increase your maximum.

  4. Set a specific time. Set a specific time each day when you will do the activity. Schedule it in your calendar and block the time. Try to tie it to another activity you already do consistently.

  5. Avoid Interruptions. Pick a location and time where you won’t be bothered. If you must do this at home, then do your activity late at night after everyone has gone to bed or wake up before everyone else does.

  6. Track your goal. Track the actual values of your efforts each day on a blank calendar or scorecard that is only used for tracking purposes. Post it on your refrigerator or a similar place you see every day.

  7. Hold yourself accountable. Make sure you accomplish your minimum goal each week. Go over your results on a weekly basis with your coach or accountability partner, who is someone you can be honest with and someone you would never want to disappoint.

  8. Make it fun. Have fun doing the activity and reward yourself afterward. Remind yourself of the benefits, why this is important to you, and why it is important to others.

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