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5 Star Customer Reviews

Bob S.  Tampa, FL  1/5/2024

I signed up for relationship coaching to try to improve those areas where we struggled and hadn't figured out how to resolve. Kim helped us address the root cause of our issues which were often more about our individual challenges. He was able to combine life and relationship coaching to help us be happier as a couple and as individuals.

Doug B.  San Francisco, CA  1/4/2024

I am so very grateful for finding Two Aspirins. Kim has helped me greatly with my business headaches. I had reached a point of stagnation, and he was able to set me straight rather quickly. After our first ZOOM coaching session I was able to move forward with my given tasks for the week which increased my company's business over $400,000 in less than two weeks.

I purchased a block of sessions with Kim and am excited to keep moving things forward. I have two businesses and we are working on one at a time. Taking time to be patient yet productive and creative yet calculated in our approach. As I stated, my business has increased greatly from just our first session. This new energy has given me some newfound excitement to a career that has spanned decades.

Jason C.  Costa Mesa, CA  12/1/2023

I needed help getting a new job and signed up for career coaching. My resume and LinkedIn profile were reviewed and updated, and I refined my search. We did some mock interviews, and I was successful in getting a job. I then signed up for the life coaching to work on some of my anger, depression, and anxiety challenges I haven't been able to get rid of. Glad I did. Things are much better now. I did a combination of in-person and online sessions. The online sessions are super convenient, and I didn't feel like I missed out on much by not being there face to face. They have a nice office, and it was helpful for the mock interviews.


Michael D.  Laguna Beach, CA  11/10/2023

It was truly a pleasure having the opportunity to work with Kim Miller, Kim is an amazing unique individual who has deep insight in advancing your life in a positive direction and guiding you on career paths, Kim truly cares, Throughout my time working with Kim he was always available and went above and beyond to ensure I was making thoughtful decisions that would advance my life and career, You will make extraordinary progress in your life and career search if you follow Kim's steps and activities, It was a pleasure to be provided the opportunity to work with Kim!

Katherine E.  Irvine, CA  10/20/2023

I've dealt with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I've also been in therapy for several years with different therapists, but I found that I wasn't really making any progress. I decided to try something different and booked life transformational coaching sessions with Kim. Due to my past experiences, I wasn't expecting Kim to really help me, but let me tell you that the life transformational coaching program is no joke. By the end of the program, so much of the negativity I've felt throughout my life had lifted. I feel like I know myself so much better now, and he's helped me find my purpose in life. I'm honestly shocked that he was able to help me in such a short period of time, but I'm really grateful for it. I can't recommend the life coaching program enough.

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