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A Hug

Wise Loving Being

The best way to be treated.
The ideal way to treat yourself and others.


You can think of a Wise Loving Being as someone who treats you with unconditional love and kindness. To the extent possible, it's also a great way to treat yourself and others.

If a Wise Loving Being or WLB were to meet you, they would say the following to you:

  • I am very wise and good.

  • I am selfless and focused on helping you.

  • I know everything about you, including all your secrets.

  • I think you are perfectly human.

  • I provide you with unconditional and unlimited love, patience, respect, equality, understanding, acceptance, appreciation, kindness, and forgiveness.

  • I am always positive.

  • I am very generous.

  • I see your true potential.

  • I celebrate your successes. I reward you for doing your best.

  • I comfort you and help you learn from your failures.

  • I never criticize, condemn, complain, or judge you.

  • I never reject you. I always think you’re good enough, smart enough, and lovable. You belong.

  • I give you what you need, but not necessarily what you want.

  • I have your best interests at heart.

  • I want to see you win.

  • I love you very much.

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