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Universal Intervention Day

Updated: May 1, 2023

March 8th is an important day to celebrate where you are on your transformational journey.

Father and son with thumbs up, around a dining table with a quesadilla, steak, salsa, and a soda.
Kim and his son, Alex, celebrating his first meal after eye surgery.

March 8th is Universal Intervention Day. It’s one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds me to reflect on my past, express gratitude, focus on being present, and recommit myself to my future.

Reflect on My Past

The picture above of my son, Alex, and me was taken by my daughter, Katarina, on March 14, 2019. It was the day after my eye surgery, and I couldn’t see out of either eye. I was lucky that my kids were around to take care of me. My son cooked me a quesadilla with a side of steak, one of my favorite meals, and I was so excited to eat my first meal in about forty-eight hours.

Although we both look happy, this was a very scary time for all of us. Things weren’t going well for me in general, and the loss of my vision made things exponentially worse. Our future was completely unknown and my basic survival fears were firmly in place. Things only got worse as the year went by: I lost my vision again, I had my driver's license taken away, I had to take a medical leave of absence from work, and I had to undergo two more eye surgeries. All without knowing how I would be able to provide for my family.

It wasn’t until December of that year that I started to see March 8th as more of an intervention by the Universe, rather than as a terrible accident that ruined my life. I was finally able to get past all the negative and unproductive thoughts coming from my ego and receive some very valuable wisdom from somewhere else. I was able to see how all of my past experiences had led me to this moment in time. I could see that there had been other moments of Universal Intervention in my life, but I hadn’t listened. Unfortunately, none of those other events had been able to elicit a big enough response from me.

Over the next two years, I was able to gain more wisdom and clarity around my purpose. I began to feel more confident. I developed an inner strength and a knowing that I was on the right path and that things were going to get a lot better. And I began to see March 8th as the most incredible gift I had ever received.

Express Gratitude

I grew up being a perfectionist. I was quick to judge and criticize. I often ignored the positive things in my life in order to focus on the negative. I tended to focus on what was wrong instead of what was right. I took a lot of things for granted, like my vision and all the other basic things I only seemed to appreciate when they were gone.

Today, I like to express gratitude for the many gifts, blessings, and experiences I’ve had in my life. I find that these daily gratitude sessions help me maintain a much more balanced view of myself and the world. I especially like to end the day by thinking about all the things I’m grateful for that had happened during the day. I also try to express gratitude and appreciation to others as often as I can.

On Universal Intervention Day, I take extra time to think about all the blessings in my life. I also like to think about the challenges I’ve overcome and how I’ve become better because of them. I’m especially grateful for the many interventions that happened to me.

Be Present

Being present in the moment is the most valuable thing I can do, but it can definitely be a challenge sometimes. It’s easy for me to think about the past, worry about the future, or go on autopilot. I try to remind myself to be open to the wisdom all around me, and to be open to moving in a different direction. I find that being present helps me quickly adapt and accomplish the most important things that are aligned with my mission and vision. I certainly set goals for the day, but many times I end up going down a different path, one of which I wasn’t aware and that is much more valuable. On Universal Intervention Day, I think about how being present has helped me over the past year and how I can be even more present each day.

Recommit to My Future

On a daily basis I review my mission and vision, but on Universal Intervention Day I take more time to reflect on what I’ve done over the past year and what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. I always ask myself how I can add more value and impact to the world. Last year, I chose to leave my job as an IT Director and focus on my coaching business full time. This year, I’m focused on helping as many people as possible through classes, coaching, and the release of my book later this year.

Join Us!

On behalf of Two Aspirins Corporation, I invite you to celebrate Universal Intervention Day with us. Take some time to reflect on your past, express gratitude, recommit yourself to a compelling future, and focus on adding as much value as you can in the present moment.


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