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2024 February Newsletter

Happy Valentine's Day shaped hot air balloon floating above the clouds.

February is the official month for celebrating our love for our significant other. It is filled with romance, flowers, chocolate, and a nice dinner where we can just focus on each other without distraction. It is a time to focus on what is going well in our relationship and celebrate our commitment to each other.


However, February can also be a reminder of the love we aren't getting because our relationship is having challenges. Sometimes we have tried to improve things but have only seen things get worse. This can lead to increased anxiety, anger, depression, loneliness, and sadness.


There are lots of things we can do to build a more loving relationship, build trust, improve communication, increase intimacy, and reignite our passion. There are many ways we can learn to better love, understand, accept, appreciate, and support each other. And as we have found, a relationship can be dramatically improved when just one partner works on changing themselves and the relationship. Visit our Relationship Transformation page to learn more.


One simple technique to improve communication and understanding is called mirroring. One person speaks and their partner listens. The listener then summarizes what they heard and ask if they heard it correctly. The speaker either confirms they did or clarifies any differences. The listener can then ask for more clarification or examples so they can better understand the speaker. The listener never offers a rebuttal or argues with the speaker about anything. All they do is create a safe place for the speaker to express themselves. This is a powerful technique that transforms communication, which is the first step towards improving the relationship.


We wish you much love this February and hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day. We hope you are leading a life filled with love, peace, joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

You deserve a loving, supportive, and thriving relationship. It's your birthright.


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