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An elementary classroom wooden desk, with a backpack on the chair, and paper and a cup of pencils on top of the desk.

Key Concepts

Accelerate Your Transformation.

5W'S Complete Goal Setting Framework

One of the keys to creating a life you love that adds a tremendous amount of value and impact to the world is to set better goals. Learn why this framework is so effective.

Ridiculously Easy Goals

Changing behavior requires a different type of goal-setting strategy. The key here is to avoid trying to be perfect, and build momentum by doing what is ridiculously easy.

Universal Elevation

The twenty-one principles of Universal Elevation can transform your life, home, company, city, state, nation, and world when they are applied consistently and completely.

Wheel of Health

The Wheel of Health helps you look at the key eight areas of your life and see where you are doing well, where you can do better, and where you are off balance.

Coming Soon!

Wise Loving Being

The Wise Loving Being is a critical concept to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. It fundamentally changes how you view fear, guilt, shame, stress, and worry.

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