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Our Transformational Books

We've written our first book and are in the process of publishing it.

The Wise Loving Being 

Exploring Universal Elevation, Empowering Personal Transformation, Gaining Clarity of Purpose, and Achieving Your Full Potential

Two Hands Forming a Heart


Elin is an older lady who has given up on herself and is struggling to survive. She lives with a lot of fear, guilt, and shame that keeps her from living a life she loves. She literally hits rock bottom, bleeding on a grocery store floor after being robbed of her entire life's savings. Join her on an inspiring journey as a nice stranger helps her transform her life. 

Although this book is fictional, it is based on the actual stories of real people who have gone through the transformation process we teach.

This book is currently in the publishing process and we expect it to be available in the fourth quarter.

Click on the link to learn more about what a Wise Loving Being is.

Bald Eagle Flying

The Wise Loving Being Workbook

A Companion Workbook to Help You Overcome Limitations, Transform, and Achieving Your Full Potential


This is a companion workbook to The Wise Loving Being. You'll do the exercises in detail, in the same order as taught by Wes. This will help you gain more clarity and awareness of who you are today. It will help you with the transformation process, the planning process, and all the items you'll need to make your new life a reality. This workbook will guide you through the steps to overcome limitations, free yourself, and create a life you love!

This book is currently in the publishing process and we expect it to be available in the fourth quarter.

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